Adorable Young Pomeranian Mix Female Seeks Fun-Loving, Committed Family

  Posted on 1/18/2023

In the middle of three happy Labrador Retrievers and joining in the play is one very small, spunky one-year-old girl named Tawny.  "If you can't run with the big dogs, get outta the way" should be her mantra.  She can keep up with the best of them and she has a grand time doing it.

Tawny was a puppy who needed a home and a job so we brought her in to our care and raised her in hopes that she might find her calling as a Hearing Dog.  But, alas, fate had other plans and so a career change to companion pet was what was written in the stars.

Looking at her might cause one to ponder a bit. Pomeranian and....???  Well, that is often the case when one parent is a mix of two or more breeds and the other, well, a sure-known bet.  Dad is a Pomeranian but Mom leaves room for several small breed possibilities.



Anyone familiar with toy breeds and the Pomeranian in general knows a bit about their nature.  They are vocal. They can also be "potty challenged" at times but also very good learners!  They can be brave or fearful in various situations depending on their socialization and good ole' genetics.

Tawny is going to be that dog that no one sneaks up on...her ears are great, and she will happily "announce" the arrival of guests or let you know when the gardener has arrived.

She is a happy, sweet, playful dog and had the best time getting through puppyhood with her constant 3-year old human companion and 2 cats named Felix and Marble.


Tawny has only ever known living in the suburbs, in a house with a fenced yard while her humans are mostly just steps away. City life, apartment or condo living, a 'home alone' dog...these are not familiar to her nor best lifestyle choices.

If you are a family or individual who is ready 'fur love' and seeking a long-term committed relationship with a young female toy breed, Tawny is posted on our website under Dogs for Adoption where you will also find our online application. 

We prefer to try and keep our companion pet adoptions within 50 miles, give or take, of Malibu, CA. 

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