As of February 15, 2024, we will no longer be accepting applications for PTSD Service Dogs.

Service Dog Application Process

1. Application:

Our application is available to be downloaded at the bottom of this page. If you are not able to print it out, please phone our office and we will be happy to mail one. Any information that you share with us will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone that you have not given us permission to do so.


2. Additional Forms:
Once we receive your application, you will be mailed:

(2) Personal Reference Forms. These must be filled out by local friends or family, over age 21, able and willing to provide immediate care for a Service Dog, if needed.
(1 or more) Medical Information Form (if you are regularly treated for a physical condition)
(1) Mental Health Questionnaire which is to be given to your licensed mental health provider and will serve as your referral. Once we receive your referral and other forms by mail, we will contact you to discuss options for moving forward with an in-home interview.


3. Home Visit:

Within three months of receiving your application, we will schedule a home visit with you and any family in your home. 2 instructors and 1 Service Dog-in-training will spend about an hour with you asking questions that will help us understand how a Service Dog can best help you and fit into your lifestyle. We may ask questions that make you feel vulnerable, but we strive to create a safe, comfortable space in which to openly share.


4. Decision:

We take all information shared and gathered into careful consideration before determining if we are the right program for you. If we are not able to place your application on our wait list, we will explain our decision and offer other recommendations where we can.


5. Match:

Applicants on our waitlist to be paired with a Service Dog will be contacted quarterly until notification of a dog match. An in-home placement or orientation is set up in which a trainer brings your Service Dog and commutes to spend 3 days providing training instruction.