Hearing Dog Readiness Checklist

Before you decide to apply for a Hearing Dog, it's important to assess your interest and readiness. It's also important for you to explore other options for being matched with a Hearing Dog such as applying to more than one program.

Please read through our requirements to help you decide if the time is right for you to apply for a Hearing Dog.

You have severe to profound hearing loss in both ears.

You are a resident of Central or Southern California, Western Nevada or Western Arizona.

You are 21 years of age or older.

You can provide a reference from your medical doctor, a family member or a friend if requested.

Wait times can vary. You are willing to wait to be matched with a Hearing Dog by our training staff.

You have no other dogs living in your home.

You enjoy the company of a dog. (A Hearing Dog is with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A significant part of having a Hearing Dog is simply enjoying his or her companionship).

You are willing to follow the advice of a trainer to maintain the care and training of a Hearing Dog.

You are physically able to walk a dog 1 mile daily (or 30 minutes) for exercise and without the use of a mobility aid.

You can provide a Hearing dog with the following: A high quality diet, several or more outings for bathroom relief, grooming care, annual veterinarian visits, regular exercise, playtime, a safe home and affection from you.

Finances to properly take care of a dog.

People you live with want a dog in the home.
  (Are they willing to follow The Sam Simon Foundation's guidelines?)

You have a solid support system to help you care for a dog when you are unable to for a day.

I have read all the information on this page and believe I meet all the requirements to apply for a Hearing Dog.