Rehoming a dog is not an easy decision, but we understand that life happens and sometimes finding a new home is in the best interest of your dog. Some dogs need a job to channel their energy and keep busy. If your dog is an ideal candidate to be an Assistance Dog, giving someone the opportunity to be matched with a working dog is a wonderful gift to give.


How we work:

At this point, you have probably read a bit about our training and our service to people with hearing loss and veterans coping with PTSD. While there are a lot of wonderful dogs out there, not all are going to be a match for the training we provide. Of the dogs we personally evaluate and select for our program, only 25-35% completes the program and graduates as a working dog.


The dogs that do not complete training receive a "career change" and we place them with families locally as companion pets. Our training process is approximately 6 months which includes regular public socialization, task training, obedience and general house manners.


Our dogs live in a home environment with their trainers and receive exceptional care. There is no cost to any of our clients for the dogs they receive from our program whether a Hearing Dog, Service Dog or Career Change Dog (companion pet).


1. If the dog I surrender does not complete training, can I be considered as an adoptive home?
We consider all applications that we may receive for our adoptable dogs. Our primary goal is to find a home that is most compatible for our dogs and to insure the best possibility of a forever home.

2. If my dog is accepted into the program, will you send me updates?
While we typically do not email updates, we often post pictures and updates of our dogs on social media and we invite you to follow us!

3. Is surrendering my dog considered a donation for tax purposes?
We are privately funded and unable to offer a receipt for tax purposes.

4. Can I come and visit my dog?
While we understand the heartache of giving up a dog, it may be confusing and sad for your dog to be visited and left again so we do discourage visits once we assume ownership. Please consider following us on social media where we do post our dogs throughout their time with us.

5. Can my dog come in on a trial basis to see if she/he will be suitable for your program?
We do not offer a trial period. If we accept your dog into our program, we will assume ownership.

6. I live out of state and need to re-home my dog. Can my dog be considered for your program?
Any dog we consider must complete an on-site assessment in Malibu. If you are invited to bring your dog for an assessment but cannot travel to Malibu, we will be unable to consider your dog for our program.

7. What if the dog is not mine and I found it?
Legally, we are unable to take stray animals into our program. We urge you to hold onto the dog for a (14) day stray hold period, search for the original owners, have the dog scanned for a microchip and notify your local animal shelter. After (14) days, the dog is legally yours.

Our Process

Please read the qualities and characteristics listed below before moving forward to our online application. Once you have completed an application, we will ask you to send in a short video of your dog walking around on leash and visiting with people in your local pet or hardware store before setting up an in-house evaluation on our facility grounds in Malibu. At the time of the in-house assessment, we will let you know if your dog is a candidate for our Assistance Dogs Program.

The dogs that are selected for our training program are:

  • Age: Under 3 years.
  • Weigh between 10-70 lbs.
  • Family friendly breeds and mixes.
  • Confident in new settings.
  • Looking for love and affection from strangers.
  • Happy for food treats and toys.
  • Engaging with other dogs; comfortable living with other dogs.
  • Welcoming of anyone into the yard or home - not protective.
  • Healthy, playful and active.

Apply Now

  I have read all the information on this page and believe my dog may be a candidate for your program. I understand that completing an application and assessment does not guarantee my dog will be accepted into the Assistance Dogs Program. (Please check the box above to move forward to our online application)