Before you decide to apply for a PTSD Service Dog, it's important to assess your interest and readiness. It may also be helpful to explore additional Service Dog Programs. The programs available today vary from the training they offer to the veterans they best serve.

Our program supports those veterans that frequent public settings on a regular basis but can also benefit from having a PTSD Service Dog. If you do not currently leave your home regularly and need a dog to help you make that transition, we recommend that you apply to a different program that can better assist you.


I am a veteran who served post 9/11 and has been diagnosed with PTSD because of my military duty.

I have not been diagnosed with any schizo-affective disorders nor do I suffer from psychosis.


I reside within The Sam Simon Foundation’s service area (Central and Southern California, Western Nevada, Western Arizona).


I am currently in treatment for PTSD and have been for at least 8 consecutive months.

I have discussed my interest in a Service Dog with my therapist and have their full support as part of my treatment plan.


I go into public places unaccompanied by another person at least 3 times a week.

I am comfortable with more public contact and understand that partnering with a Service Dog may attract the admiration and interest of people around me.

I like the idea of having a dog around me all the time. I understand a Service Dog is with their veteran partner twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A significant part of having a Service Dog is simply enjoying his or her companionship.


I am willing and able to follow through with advice from The Sam Simon Foundation on maintaining the training of a Service Dog.

I am physically able to walk a dog approximately a mile every day for exercise.


I have the means and desire to care for all the needs of a dog. A Service Dog will need a high-quality dog food, several or more outings each day to relieve himself, grooming, veterinarian visits, exercise, playtime and affection from you.

I understand that a Service Dog will require up to $1000 in expenses for care per year. I can afford the costs of having a Service Dog.

I live with people who support my decision to have a Service Dog, have no allergies to dogs and welcome a dog living in the home. Those living in the home with me agree to follow The Sam Simon Foundation’s guidelines of care for my dog.


I can provide a safe and healthy home for a large dog with adequate relief area(s) in very close proximity to my front door.

I have two people who live local to me (if applicable: including someone living in my home) who will agree to provide all necessary care for a Service Dog in the event I am not able to do so for a period of time

I have read all the information on this page and believe I meet all the requirements to apply for a Service Dog.