It's Nala's song and she knows it.

  Posted on 1/10/2023

It's morning at The Sam Simon Foundation and many of the dogs are out in the play yard. There is alot of excitment to see as they all run together in play or find entertainment chewing on one of the many nylon bones in the yard.

"Na lalala, Na lalala, Na lalalalalala do do do do do"... lyrics from the song Lovin' You  can be heard quietly sung with a playful change to the orginal lyrics. One dog turns her head, ears perked and tail wagging as she recognizes and happily runs over to her crooner

It's Nala's song and she knows it. It's a little thing-perhaps even a bit silly- but endearing nonetheless. She eagerly receives her snuggles then she is off to romp about again with her friends.

Nala has been with us a long time, waiting for that perfect forever home. She has even been through a couple of re-homings which is never easy on any dog.


She may not be the right dog for many but Nala is certainly someone's joy yet to come. Looking at Nala, she does not immediately standout as one breed or another.  We know she should be a mix of dachshund and pomeranian because these breeds were those of her parents. However, that genetic roll of the dice can summon breeds unknown from anywhere along the lineage tree.

We have had Nala since she was a young pup. She was socialized around cats, lived with a toddler and met many people. She went for car rides regularly and walked scores of sidewalks in neighborhoods and beyond.

She was not born a confident dog and sometimes all the socialization in the world can't change that outcome. She is fearful at times of things she hears or sees...even with repeated exposure. She barks until she is interrupted by one of the humans around her and goes back to chewing her nylabone or playing with a dog.  It's just who she is and we accept that. 


Nala needs a home-her forever home-where she can bloom into her own.  We are only meant as a temporary stop along her journey.

To put it simply, she will do best with a home and private fenced back yard in a quiet neighborhood with someone who is not only smitten but also tolerant, patient and dedicated to having her be a life-long companion. 

Oh yeah...and learning her song:).

Would love to meet this little girl? Please complete our online application at and then let's chat!


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