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  Posted on 7/10/2021

Have a dog, want a dog or just a bit curious about dogs in general?
We have carved a small space in which to share our views, ideas and information on all things dogs.  We will also highlight dogs we have for pet adoption,  Hearing Dogs  for people deaf and hard of hearing and Service Dogs for Veterans coping with PTSD as a result of their military service.  Learn more about what's happening in and around The Sam Simon Foundation.

Did you know: 
Hearing Dogs are specially trained to alert to common household sounds such as door knocks, telephones, and smoke alarms. We carefully match our Hearing Dogs with applicants living in Central and Southern California, as well as Las Vegas, Phoenix and their surrounding communities. Hearing Dogs come in all sizes.  Some of our dogs are adopted from Ventura County Animal Shelter  in Camarillo, CA, while our retrievers come from a cooperative partnership with Guide Dogs for the Blind based in San Rafael, CA.


PTSD Service Dogs may be trained to interrupt anxiety, assist with stabalizing minor balance fluctuations and help reduce hypervigilence in crowded spaces. We primarily match labrador retrievers with post 9/11 combat veterans.

Dogs that do not complete training are coined "Career Change Dogs" and are placed with local loving families as companion pets.  Any dog that is available for adoption is posted on our website with a description and link to our online application. 

We are currently accepting applications for dogs through our offered programs.  We offer useful information for those still 'thinking about it' and steps on how to apply today.

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