Statement of Client Rights

Thank you for taking the time to read through your rights below before beginning the application process with us. Please understand that these rights in no way imply acceptance to our wait list. As an applicant for either a Service or Hearing Dog from The Sam Simon Foundation Assistance Dogs Program, you can expect the following from us:

  • The right to be considered for placement of an Assistance Dog regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, age, color, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or national origin.
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality with regard to any personal documents or information shared with us unless expressively given permission otherwise.
  • The right to be treated respectfully and with dignity by all members of The Sam Simon Foundation staff.
  • The right to be educated on the role as a handler of an Assistance Dog in the home and in public settings.
  • The right to appropriate training and support as a recipient of an Assistance Dog both in the home and in public settings.
  • The right to follow-up support and scheduled team evaluations throughout the life of the team.
  • The right to a dog that has been evaluated, health screened and trained according to the standards set forth by Assistance Dogs International (ADI).
  • The right to ask for assistance with any behavioral management problem, major medical issue, or additional training for the dog if within the scope of the services offered by The Sam Simon Foundation.
  • The right to leave the process at any time for any reason
  • The right to file a complaint or grievance without interference or fear of retaliation.
  • The right to request a copy of our Client Complaint Policy.

Hearing Dog Application

To apply for a Hearing Dog, please complete our online application form.

Once received, we will reach out to you regarding next steps. Thank you for taking this leap with us!

Application Form