What is a Career Change Dog? Our professional trainers carefully select our dogs by evaluating them for temperament, health and eagerness to please. They are rescued from shelters where they are at risk for euthanasia. They enter a rigorous training program to become Hearing Dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Not all of our outstanding dogs can meet the demands of becoming a Certified Assistance Dog, thus the need for a "Career Change". They are, however, still winners, and make wonderful pets. Many are already housebroken and some know basic obedience commands. In short, these "near misses" make wonderful companions. We can help match you with a lifelong canine companion.


Posted on 6/7/2021

Lilah is a 1 1/2-year-old spayed petite lab mix.  She weighs 51lbs. and is current on all vaccinations. She was found in a park along with another dog we believe is a littermate.  Both dogs are very energetic and friendly. 

Lilah was started in training to be a Hearing Dog.  In addition, she has been in public situations nearly daily for socialization.  We have decided to 'career change' her to be someone's companion pet because she is too enthusiastic and energetic to be Hearing Dog. 

 Lilah is a wonderful retriever and loves to run after her toys for someone. She is sweet, friendly, good with other sweet dogs, and enjoys kids.  She is exuberant in her affection, so we prefer not to place her with a family that has young kids.  Even though she is petite, she is strong in showing her love. 

 Lilah is crate trained for nighttime sleep which is essentially where we sleep and she is does settle nicely indoors.  She knows when it is time to find a spot and sleep. She is very much a house dog. 

 Lilah will do best with someone who is very active.  She will not be ideal for the person or family that needs a dog to be content home alone while everyone is at work or school or off doing other daily activities that do not include the dog.  

 For more information on Miss Lilah, please complete our Career Change Dog application first so we can better address your questions or concerns.  We are a very small program and conduct our adoptions in the adoptive homes. Therefore, we prefer to keep our travel to 50 miles or less--one way--from Malibu. Thank you for your understanding.