Are you ready for a PTSD Service Dog?


Service Dog Readiness Checklist

Before you decide to apply for a PTSD Service Dog, it's important to assess your interest and readiness. It's also important for you to explore all of the various programs that exist. Some have a more intensive program that will help you start the process of re-integrating into public settings. Our service dogs are designed for those veterans that are already able to go out into public places on a regular basis, but would benefit from the assistance of a PTS Service Dog. If you need a dog to help you make that transition, we recommend that you apply to a different program that can meet your needs.

Our service dogs also provide light balance and brace support. This is only for people who need a small amount of counter balance and support. If you have a need for more physical support, we may recommend that you apply to an organization that can provide those tasks.

Below are questions you can use to help you and your therapist(s) decide if the time is right for you to apply for a PTS Service Dog.Are you a post 9/11 military veteran diagnosed with PTS as a result of your military service. (If you are currently active duty, you must be within 6 months of discharge with no possibility of deployment)

Have you been diagnosed with PTS and/or TBI by a Licensed Practitioner and is this service connected?

Are you a resident of Central or Southern California, Western Nevada or Western Arizona?

Are you currently in treatment for PTS for at least the past 8 months?

Can you provide referrals from a licensed mental health professional, a family member, and a friend?

Do you go out into public settings unaccompanied by another person?

PTS Service Dogs work primarily in public. Do you spend a substantial amount of time unaccompanied by another person in public at least 3 times a week?

Do you want more interaction with the public?
Service Dogs attract the attention of people and many will want to meet your dog. We encourage our clients to allow their dogs to interact with strangers.

Do you enjoy the company of a dog?
Do you like the idea of having a dog around 24/7? A Service Dog is with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A significant part of having a Service Dog is simply enjoying his or her companionship.

Are you willing and able to fairly and consistently follow a trainer’s advice to maintain a Service Dog’s training?

Are you physically able to walk a dog approximately a mile every day for exercise?

A PTS Service Dog will need a high-quality dog food, several outings each day to relieve himself, grooming, veterinarian visits, exercise, playtime and affection from you.
Do you have the means and the desire to meet those needs?

A Service Dog can will require up to $1,000.00 in expenses per year.
Can you afford a Service Dog?

Do the people you live with want a dog in the home?
Are they willing to follow The Sam Simon Foundation’s guidelines?

Do you have a solid support system to help you care for a dog when you are unable to for a day?

I have read all the information on this page and believe I meet all the requirements to apply for a Service Dog.