Our Adoption Process

Thank you for filling out an application for one of our Career Change Dogs. An instructor will get back in touch with you within 48 hours. If you haven’t heard from us, please check your SPAM mail first before calling our office. We appreciate your interest in our program nd thank you for choosing rescue! It is our sincerest wish that any dog we rescue be placed in a loving home where he or she will be happy and nurtured. Please understand that filling out an application does not guarantee you will receive a dog. Our primary concern is to find the most appropriate home for each dog. In some cases, a yard check will need to be done by a representative of The Sam Simon Foundation prior to approving the application. We do require that all family members attend the appointment for the dog they are interested in adopting.

All decisions regarding an adoption application are within the sole discretion of The Sam Simon Foundation. In the event the dog is being mistreated and/or neglected, The Sam Simon Foundation, in their sole discretion, will have the right to remove the dog and place it in a new home. It is our goal that everyone is happy with the dog they have adopted and so we are committed to helping everyone through the adjustments of having their new family member. This includes a home delivery of every dog upon adoption so that each dog is transitioned more easily into a new home and a trainer is able to provide guidance to the new owner. Following adoption, we may elect to follow up with an in-home visit to answer any questions or concerns.Please note: Since all dogs are delivered to their new homes, we are unable to place dogs out of state. Thank you.

Contact Information:
Do you rent or own your residence?

Own   Rent

How long have you lived in your present home?
Please give a description of your home and yard.
Is your yard fenced?     Yes   No
Please list all members of your family and their ages.
Do you have regular visitors to your home?
Yes    No

Please list all pets currently in your home, both inside and outside.
Please tell us why you are interested in adopting a dog?
Please describe or name the dog you would LIKE to adopt.
Were you able to read the website description about the dog you would like to adopt?
In what way(s) do you feel the dog you are interested in may be a good match for you?
Is there any size or type of dog you DO NOT want?
My dog needs to be able to be home alone (per day)
How many days in a week will your dog be home alone?
When I am not home, my dog will spend his/her time...
If Other, please describe:
If you have had a dog in the past, what happened to it?
My dog needs to get along with other dogs
My dog will primarily be an...
If you have children in your home, are they familiar with dogs or have they been around dogs before?
Have you discussed adopting a dog with all members of your family?
Have you had dogs before?
Are you interested in adopting a dog as soon as possible? If not, please explain:
What kinds of activities are you planning to include your dog in?
I am comfortable doing some training with my dog to improve manners such as jumping, stealing food and pulling on the leash.
I am financially able to take care of a dog.

How did you hear about our Career Change Dogs?
How many hours do you work away from home?
Are you (and any family members) willing to commit to 10+ years with your dog?
What do you plan to do with your dog if/when you travel?
What do you plan to do with your dog if your life takes a turn and you are no longer able to care for him/her? (example: decreased finances, divorce, moving to a new home, etc.)
When My Dog Needs Veterinary Care: (Choose one)
Congratulations, you've reached the end of the application! Click the Submit Application button below to process the application. If questions where missed, the form will direct you to the questions that need to be completed. All questions are required to submit the application.