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What is a Career Change Dog? Our professional trainers carefully select our dogs by evaluating them for temperament, health and eagerness to please. They are rescued from shelters where they are at risk for euthanasia. They enter a rigorous training program to become Hearing Dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Not all of our outstanding dogs can meet the demands of becoming a Certified Assistance Dog, thus the need for a "Career Change". They are, however, still winners, and make wonderful pets. Many are already housebroken and some know basic obedience commands. In short, these "near misses" make wonderful companions. We can help match you with a lifelong canine companion.


Posted on 9/19/2018

Meet Minnie! Our best guess is that she is a 2 year old Affenpinscher/Maltese Cross that weighs 10.5 lbs.  We have no prior history on her since she was adopted from a local animal shelter as a stray for consideration in our Hearing Dog Program.

Minnie was 'career changed' very early on from our program as she was quite shy and timid with all of us initially. It did not take her long to warm up to us and to anyone she meets; however, a sudden commotion or loud sound can send her retreating to wherever she feels is a safe place, even if just briefly.

We find Minnie to be quite affectionate, playful and outgoing.  She seems to love everyone she warms up to and enjoys being held.  She can be playful with other dogs and would enjoy the company of living with another dog that is also friendly and playful.  Being around other dogs seems to provide Minnie with confidence in the home, too.

Since Minnie's arrival, we have worked on house breaking and inappropriate chewing. While both behaviors have improved, we are not yet accident free and she will occasionally chew on something she should not. Training is a process and we stand behind our 3 P's here: Patience, Practice and Praise!

Minnie is going to do best in a quiet home with someone who has the time and patience to continue her training.  As with any of our dogs, she will most benefit from someone that will involve her in their daily routine and continue to provide her with the structure and training she currently receives with us. Minnie will blossom with someone who is willing to dedicate time to her daily and will not be bothered by the occasional accident or chewing.  She is crate trained, too, for those times when she needs to be home alone. 

If you believe Minnie is the right dog for you, please complete our online application and someone will contact you shortly!

NOTE: If you click on the video, you will see Parker (also listed for adoption) before you see Minnie.  They are sharing this short video.  Thanks!